Never were truer words spoken than in today’s real-estate lending market. It has changed dramatically from 4 or 5 years ago. Now, Credit truly is King! It is more important than ever to develop and maintain a good credit profile if you are looking at purchasing or refinancing a home today.

We are here with helpful tools, answers and links to articles that aid our past and new clients.

Our Mortgage PreFlight program allows client to do two things at one time.  Preflight will provide you with an informational report that shows your FICO scores and helpful suggestions on increasing your scores. At the same time, we are sent a copy of your credit report for analysis to start the loan process.

We will give you a call and go over each item line by line and provide you with an immediate pre-qualification. Or if scores need improvement, PreFlight will show you what to do to increase those scores.  

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Simply click the PreFlight Logo and you will go to our secure site to set up your account.  It’s quick and easy. 

Feel free to call me today at 734.238.3MTG (684) to see how this tool can help you! This is FREE to our clients! 

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